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Apartment complex
«Charivne Misto»

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Address: Kyiv, Darnytskyi district, St. Borispolskaya, 18-26
Customer: Ukrainian Defense Ministry, the establishment of 28th head office of the chief resident engineer
Developer and investor: UKRBUD DEVELOPMENT LLC; Perfect Group TM
Price from: 14500 grn/m2
Building start: III quarter of 2016
Building end: 1st construction stage - IV quarter of 2018
Categories construction: Comfort
Availability of parking: Guest, Underground
Proximity to the Metro, min., on foot: up to 5 min.
On public transport: up to 10 min.
Construction technology: Stone-skeleton
Walls: Brick
Object description

Residential Complex "Charіvne Misto" - a new project from the Ukrainian State Building Corporation "UKRBUD", the developer of the project are: LLC "UKRBUD Development" Perfect Group and TM. Build-up area is 12 ha. This is a microdistrict with its own infrastructure. The project provides for the construction of apartment blocks, a shopping center with underground parking, as well as a kindergarten, sports and children's playgrounds. 

You don't have to worry about Kharkovskiy neighbourhood being at a remote distance from the city centre if you want to buy an apartment there, as the advantageous location of the underground will allow quick access to any place in Kyiv – the underground station "Chervonyi Hutir" is located right next to the estate. Besides, there is a Darnitskiy railway station short from the estate, so you can use the city train services. And there's a Darnitskiy market, which is also very convenient.  
Residents of the housing estate "Charіvne Misto" won't be disturbed by the urban noise, as the estate is completely isolated from vehicular traffic. Car owners will enjoy the benefits of a modern underground parking. This estate opens up fresh opportunities for organizing your living, leisure, sport and family life.
The cost of apartments Apartment complex «Charivne Misto»:
Number of rooms
Area, m2
Price for m2, грн
Price for the apartment, UAH
Promotion1-bedroom apartment
from 31.97
from 14500
from 463565
Promotion2-bedroom apartment
from 50.48
from 14500
from 731960
Promotion2-bedroom apartment *available duplex
from 60.82
from 14500
from 920750
Promotion3-bedroom apartment
from 69.66
from 14500
from 1023700
Promotion4+-bedroom apartment *available duplex
from 97.86
from 14500
from 1526616
Promotion4+-bedroom apartment *available duplex
from 106.29
from 14500
from 1658124
3-bedroom apartment *available duplex
from 72.01
from 15600
from 1080300
4+-bedroom apartment
from 91.89
from 15600
from 1433484
Advantages Apartment complex «Charivne Misto»:
0 meters to the metro station «Chervoniy Hutir»
own kindergarten
modern underground and guest parking
5 minutes to the park «Partisan Glory» green areas around the complex
еnvironmental own neighborhood, protected from the street noise
equipped with recreational facilities and playgrounds
brick walls, facade insulation, modern communication
Placement and infrastructure
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