Address: Kyiv, St. Dehtiarna, 7, 9-11, 13-15
Customer: Zahorodnii Trust Kyivmiskbud-1 PJSC
Developer and investor: UKRBUD DEVELOPMENT LLC
Price from: 32450 grn/m2
Building start: І quarter 2014
Building end: ІII quarter 2017
Categories construction: Business
Availability of parking: Underground
Proximity to the Metro, min., on foot: 10-15 min.
On public transport: up to 10 min.
Construction technology: Monolithic-frame
Walls: Brick
Object description

This new project is situated in the most amazing, interesting and attractive Podilskyi district of Kiev. When designing a complex, landscape features, historical and cultural value of the area were taken into account. The new building naturally complements the streets along which the famous Soviet writer Mikhail Bulhakov liked walking...

Podol-Hrad is not only picturesque facades and architecture, but also modern and spacious apartment layouts. The complex fully meets design criteria and requirements of housing superior.

The cost of apartments Apartment complex «Podol-Hrad»:
Number of rooms
Area, m2
Price for m2, грн
Price for the apartment, UAH
1-bedroom apartment
from 37.47
from 35750
from 1423860
2-bedroom apartment
from 59.38
from 33990
from 2137680
3-bedroom apartment
from 76.62
from 33990
from 2720010
4+-bedroom apartment
from 112.59
from 36000
from 4188348
4+-bedroom apartment
from 134.95
from 33000
from 5020140
3-bedroom apartment *available duplex
from 98.26
from 33990
from 3462665
4+-bedroom apartment *available duplex
from 149.53
from 33990
from 5270932
4+-bedroom apartment *available duplex
from 162.85
from 32450
from 5284483
4+-bedroom apartment *available duplex
from 188.01
from 35250
from 6627353
Advantages Apartment complex «Podol-Hrad»:
8 минут пешком до Андреевского спуска
attic apartment
prestigious area - Vozdvizhenka, historical and cultural center of the city
M. Kontraktova Square - 18 minutes walk, m Postal area -. 23 minutes on foot
Pavlovsky garden - 10 minutes by car, park Chkalov - 10 minutes by car, 10 minutes by car to the central bank of the Dnieper
unique architecture, decorative facade, insulation
elite kindergartens, lyceums and gymnasiums around
underground parking
credit programs, installment from the builder
Placement and infrastructure
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