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Apartment complex «Pokrova»

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Address: Kyiv, Shevchenkivskyi district, St. Sichovyh Striltsyv, 59
Customer: Central regional branch of Capital Construction
Developer and investor: UKRBUD DEVELOPMENT LLC
Price from: 23750 grn/m2
Building start: II quarter 2016
Building end: II quarter 2019
Categories construction: Business
Availability of parking: Guest, Underground
Proximity to the Metro, min., on foot: 10-15 min.
On public transport: up to 10 min.
Construction technology: Monolithic-frame
Walls: Brick
Object description

Porkova  Apartment Complex is a new modern project of Ukrainian State Building Corporation “UKRBUD”, located in Shevchenkivskyi district. One of the main advantages of the complex is well developed infrastructure of the district. 

It is planned to build 3 sections, parking, rest area, playground for children, and sport area. Comfort, profitability, security – its’ all about your future home! There are 16 floors and 95 apartments in the 1st section. There are 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-, and 5-bedroom apartments available. 
The cost of apartments Apartment complex «Pokrova»:
Number of rooms
Area, m2
Price for m2, грн
Price for the apartment, UAH
Promotion1-bedroom apartment
from 45.76
from 24700
from 1171744
Promotion2-bedroom apartment
from 64.84
from 23750
from 1601548
Promotion3-bedroom apartment
from 90.75
from 23750
from 2241525
Promotion1-bedroom apartment *available duplex
from 70.42
from 31350
from 2207667
Promotion2-bedroom apartment *available duplex
from 79.69
from 31350
from 2498282
Promotion3-bedroom apartment *available duplex
from 87.18
from 31350
from 4142528
Promotion3-bedroom apartment *available duplex
from 132.14
from 31350
from 4582116
Promotion4+-bedroom apartment *available duplex
from 154.95
from 31350
from 5190620
Promotion4+-bedroom apartment *available duplex
from 175.39
from 31350
from 7950360
Promotion4+-bedroom apartment *available duplex
from 146.16
from 31350
from 4857683
Promotion4+-bedroom apartment *available duplex
from 165.57
from 31350
from 5498477
Promotion4+-bedroom apartment *available duplex
from 253.6
from 31350
from 7298907
Promotion4+-bedroom apartment *available duplex
from 232.82
from 30400
from 7077728
Advantages Apartment complex «Pokrova»:
spacious layout with large rooms quadrature
equipped recreation areas, children's playgrounds
developed infrastructure of Shevchenkivsky district
duplex apartments with terrace
10 minutes on foot to m.Lukyanovskaya, 20 minutes on foot to m.Zolotye Vorota
underground and guest parking
central location and convenient transportation
Class meets all the criteria set of "business"
9 minutes walk to the cinema "Kievan Rus" and Pavlovsk garden
Placement and infrastructure
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