Main office: Kyiv, Pushkinskaya street, 27

Left-bank sales department: Kyiv, Sverstyuka street, 23

Many chanels: (044) 379 47 99


Ukrainian state building Corporation “UKRBUD” was established by the resolution of Cabinet of Ministers in 1991, as a successor of USSR Ministry of Construction. Three years later it was delegated operational and strategic management functions of all construction enterprises and organizations of the Ministry of Construction of the USSR.

The companies of the Corporation “UKRBUD” are the successor of the outstanding construction experience. Since 1930s these companies made industrial and residential construction in Ukraine. It is difficult to find in our country the objects in the creation of which companies and organizations belonging to Corporation "UKRBUD" would not take part.

Today, the corporation combines different organizations and enterprises of several ownership types located in major cities of Ukraine. We realize projects of varying complexity without geographical limitation.

Main streams:

  • Housing
  • Industrial engineering
  • Designing and research work
  • Production of building materials, structures and equipment
  • Education and training for the construction industry
  • Housing services.
  • 58 houses were put into operation
  • 27 years of productive work
  • Five thousand qualified employees
  • 830 sq. m. the total built area

Corporation "UKRBUD" is a stable organization. We’ve managed to become a leader in housing construction in the capital of Ukraine just in few years. We’ve completed dozens of housing complexes, hundreds of thousands of square meters of housing and we’ve provided cozy and comfortable new homes for tens of thousands of families.

Result is the most important for us in our work. It means for us gratitude of our satisfied customers, respect of our partners, and the reputation of stable and competitive corporation, open for new projects, cooperation, and opportunities. 

The experts of UKRBUD use the best possible materials and implement advanced technological solutions. Professionalism and high level of responsibility of its experts are proved in the particular cases. Every enterprise, a part of the corporation, is a reliable and experienced team of professionals managed by proven leaders.



  • Main office:Kyiv, Pushkinskaya street, 27

  • Left-bank sales department:Kyiv, Sverstyuka street, 23

  • Multichannel: (044) 379 47 99

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