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Ukrbud corporationNewsCorporation "Ukrbud" ready for constructive dialogue with the activists who care about the future of the capital
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Corporation "Ukrbud" ready for constructive dialogue with the activists who care about the future of the capital

Today the share of which less than 10 people took part in the course of which spoke accusations against the builder of a residential complex on the street. Degtyarnaya (Vozdvizhenka).

We have to state that individuals continue to manipulate public opinion by blaming the builders in the construction of "concrete monster", "savage" felling of green space, parking available for cars and even the destruction of a nearby building, which is called the "museum".

Recall that the construction of a residential complex on the street began. Degtyarnaya in 2014. Seven low-rise buildings erected in the style of the XIX century, which completely fits into the architecture and landscape of Vozdvizhenka.

The project provides for the construction of parking lots with the necessary number of parking spaces and guest parking (total number - about 350 cars).

As for the green areas, then the developer has all the necessary documents (acts), indicating that the procedure was conducted lawfully, and the budget has received significant financial compensation.

To inform the public about the fact that prior to the start of active construction by the developer shall be required special examination and photographic images of the state of the surrounding buildings. Such examination certified, followed by the preparation of technical report was held this time. Survey data and photos documented evidence that the destruction of the nearby buildings, which some activists call "museum", the developer has no relation.

Unfortunately, the demonstrators, who today left "protest" did not find the time to get acquainted with the necessary reports and photo documentation.

Corporation "Ukrbud" is always ready for constructive dialogue and cooperation with representatives of the public and activists who do not really care about the future of our capital.

In pictures: the building looked so "destroyed the museum" before the start of construction



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