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Ukrbud corporationNewsMaksym Mykytas - winner of the «Person of the Year-2014» in the category «Businessman of the Year»
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Maksym Mykytas - winner of the «Person of the Year-2014» in the category «Businessman of the Year»

On March 21, Kyiv hosted the 19th nationwide program awarding "Person of the Year-2014". Best Ukrainian professionals for their achievements in 2014 we announced winners of the nineteen national program "Person of the Year-2014" in 18 professional categories of the Program. Congratulations Maksym Mykytas, President of “Ukrbud” on winning the nomination" Businessman of the Year " in the program "Person of the Year-2014". 

We are very pleased, that great contributions into the development of Ukrainian business, society and development of Kyiv are appreciated. Maksym Mykytas in his speech said: “My award "Businessman of the year" in the program "Person of the Year - 2014" is a recognition of the achievements of Ukrainian State Building Corporation "Ukrbud", its’ 5-thousand team - from the lower level employees to the top manager! 
For me, the business – is my life. My credo - "responsibility in all". This award means to me a recognition by society of my activities, principles and beliefs. The key for me is the realization of business principles of legality, decency and responsibility. I emphasize, all construction projects by the corporation "Ukrbud" are realized exclusively under the laws of Ukraine and stated deadlines. 
The driving force in my work is responsibility to people who work with me. I mean not only colleagues and business partners, but also our clients, whose confidence is crucial stimulus for further successful and efficient development. This award - a confirmation that the selected business idea is right "Ukrbud- Building Ukraine." 
We congratulate Maksym Mykytas with the award! We wish you good health, inspiration, energy and family comfort. Let the new day brings inspiration, new discoveries and achievements in the name of development of Ukraine.








  • Main office:Kyiv, Pushkinskaya street, 27

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