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Residential Complex "Charіvne Misto" - a new project from the Ukrainian State Building Corporation "UKRBUD", the developer of the project are: LLC "UKRBUD Development" Perfect Group and TM. Build-up area is 12 ha. This is a microdistrict with its own infrastructure. The project provides for the construction of apartment blocks, a shopping center with underground parking, as well as a kindergarten, sports and children's playgrounds. 

You don't have to worry about Kharkovskiy neighbourhood being at a remote distance from the city centre if you want to buy an apartment there, as the advantageous location of the underground will allow quick access to any place in Kyiv – the underground station "Chervonyi Hutir" is located right next to the estate. Besides, there is a Darnitskiy railway station short from the estate, so you can use the city train services. And there's a Darnitskiy market, which is also very convenient.  
Residents of the housing estate "Charіvne Misto" won't be disturbed by the urban noise, as the estate is completely isolated from vehicular traffic. Car owners will enjoy the benefits of a modern underground parking. This estate opens up fresh opportunities for organizing your living, leisure, sport and family life.
The cost of apartments Apartment complex «Charivne Misto»:
Number of rooms
Area, m2
Price for m2, грн
Price for the apartment, UAH
1-bedroom apartments
from 36.12
from 16 500.00
from 643 005.00
2-bedroom apartments
from 53.6
from 16 200.00
from 868 320.00
2-bedroom apartments *available duplex
from 67.01
from 16 300.00
from 1 186 966.00
3-bedroom apartments *available duplex
from 74.45
from 16 300.00
from 1 267 875.00
3-bedroom apartments
from 69.66
from 16 100.00
from 1 248 072.00
4+-bedroom apartments
from 91.89
from 17 500.00
from 1 773 477.00
4+-bedroom apartments *available duplex
from 172.54
from 16 300.00
from 2 812 402.00
4+-bedroom apartments *available duplex
from 98.46
from 16 300.00
from 1 842 050.00
4+-bedroom apartments *available duplex
from 106.29
from 16 300.00
from 2 043 205.00
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Advantages Apartment complex «Charivne Misto»:
50 meters to the metro station «Chervoniy Hutir»
smart home system CLAP
own kindergarten
modern underground and guest parking
5 minutes to the park «Partisan Glory»
еnvironmental own neighborhood
equipped with recreational facilities and playgrounds
facade insulation, modern communication
we build from red brick
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Apartment complex «Charivne Misto»
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