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«Lake House»

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Address: Kyiv, 2a Marshala Malinovskoho St.
Customer: General Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine
Developer and investor: UKRBUD DEVELOPMENT LLC
Price from: 20 000.00 UAH/m2
Categories construction: Comfort
Availability of parking: Guest, Underground
Proximity to the Metro, min., on foot: 5-10 min.
On public transport: up to 10 min.
Construction technology: Monolithic-frame
Walls: Brick
Building start: III quarter 2016
Building end: II quarter 2019
Object description

Lake House Residential Complex is a new modern project of Ukrainian State Building Corporation “UKRBUD”, located in Obolon district at the 2a Marshala Malinovskoho St.  

Lake House Residential Complex is built with high quality materials. It is comfortable apartment complex with great location in the most attractive and developed district of Kyiv.

The complex includes 2 sections. It will be 25-story apartment complex of the comfort class. 

The cost of apartments apartment complex «Lake House»:
Number of rooms
Area, m2
Price for m2, грн
Price for the apartment, UAH
1-bedroom apartment
from 46.76
from 22 000.00
from 1 040 160.00
2-bedroom apartment
from 73.51
from 22 000.00
from 1 625 140.00
3-bedroom apartment
from 81.34
from 20 000.00
from 1 746 000.00
3-bedroom apartment *available duplex
from 121.21
from 28 000.00
from 3 393 880.00
4+-bedroom apartment *available duplex
from 197.06
from 28 000.00
from 5 517 680.00
4+-bedroom apartment *available duplex
from 151.66
from 28 000.00
from 4 246 480.00
4+-bedroom apartment *available duplex
from 165.42
from 28 000.00
from 4 631 760.00
Advantages apartment complex «Lake House»:
children's and sports playgrounds
great selection of apartments
1 km to Dream Town Shopping Mall and Metropolis Shopping Mall
850 meters to Obolon subway station
Silpo supermarket 200 meters away
kindergartens and schools nearby
convenient transportation
great view on the Andrew Lake (top floors)
combination of the quiet suburb and the rhythm of big city
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Placement and infrastructure
Житловий комплекс «Гармонія» будується в Святошинському районі столиці на вулиці Василя Стуса, 7
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