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Housing Estate "Oberig-2" is a new project by the Ukrainian State Development Corporation "Ukrbud", located in Darnytskyi district in Kyiv at the address Borispolskaya st. 30А, 40.  

Housing Estate "Oberig-2" belongs to the economy class. The first section will house 176 apartments: 110 one-room; 44 two-room; 22 three-room apartments. On the ground floor there are non-residential premises for future placement of social infrastructure, and apartments from 1st to 22nd floor. Apartment layouts are comfortable, with rectangular rooms. Ceiling height is 2.7 m. There are 8 apartments on the typical level.  
Next to the housing estate one can find the Partisan Glory park, kindergartens, schools, shops, banks and cafes. Apart from the convenient location, it is important that the housing estate is being built according to modern building regulations, which guarantees high quality construction; and reasonable apartment layouts will add a positive impression of the newly-built building.  

The cost of apartments Apartment complex «Oberig-2»:
Number of rooms
Area, m2
Price for m2, грн
Price for the apartment, UAH
1-bedroom apartments
from 36.54
from 15 500.00
from 584 640.00
Sale2-bedroom apartments
from 54.68
from 15 300.00
from 836 604.00
Sale2-bedroom apartments *available duplex
from 61.04
from 15 000.00
from 915 600.00
Sale3-bedroom apartments
from 72.65
from 15 500.00
from 1 126 075.00
Sale3-bedroom apartments *available duplex
from 79.04
from 15 000.00
from 1 185 600.00
4+-bedroom apartments *available duplex
from 129.53
from 15 000.00
from 1 942 950.00
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New standard of living
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Advantages Apartment complex «Oberig-2»:
20 minutes walk to m.Chervonyy Farm
smart home system CLAP
brick walls, facade insulation, modern communications
own parking
15 minutes drive to the park, «Partisan Glory»
cafe, beauty salon, shops, pharmacy and bank branch
children's and sports playgrounds
a kindergarten and a school 500 meters away
cozy park
round-the-clock security and video surveillance
closed territory
loyal prices, possibility of installment from the developer
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Apartment complex «Oberig-2»
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