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Apartment complex

Apartment complex SKY AVENUE
Object description

The residential complex SKY AVENUE is a modern complex of comfort class, located 10 minutes walk from Sevastopol Square on Narodnogo Opolcheniya street, 3. The residential complex consists of eight houses with commercial premises on the ground floors.

The public space of the SKY AVENUE residential complex has been designed in compliance with the concept of a "courtyard without cars", so that rest on the local area will be comfortable and safe. The location of the houses of the complex forms cozy, green courtyards with children's and sports grounds, recreation areas. The complex crosses a wide promenade with well-lit bike lanes.

In the project of the third stage of the complex, it is planned to build its own kindergarten and sports facilities. Also in the residential complex there are underground parking lots equipped with a video surveillance system, thanks to which car owners can not worry about the safety of their vehicles.
The name of the SKY AVENUE residential complex, which translates from English as "heavenly avenue", speaks of two of its key features. Firstly, this is the location: next is the State Museum of Aviation named after Oleg Antonov. Secondly, through the whole complex will be a spacious avenue with greenery.

Choosing an apartment in the residential complex SKY AVENUE, you invest in a cozy, comfortable, spacious and happy future!

Advantages apartment complex SKY AVENUE:
own preschool educational institution
the concept of a «courtyard without cars»
own shopping center on the territory of the complex
modern materials and construction technologies
CLAP smart home system
thoughtful planning of apartments
near the park. N. Ostrovskogo and the Kadetskiy gay
developed infrastructure
children's and sports grounds
two-level underground parking
near the museum of aviation named after Oleg Antonov
possibility of installments from the builder
large area of the complex
places for sport and health purposes
wide promenade with bicycle paths
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Apartment complex SKY AVENUE
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Apartment complex
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  • Main office:Kyiv, Pushkinskaya street, 27

  • Left-bank sales department:Kyiv, Sverstyuka street, 23

  • Multichannel: (044) 379 47 99

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