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Residential complex «Twin House» - a new project from the Ukrainian State Building Corporation "Ukrbud", located in Desnianskyi district of Kyiv on the street Kraynya 1.

Residential complex «Twin House» - a modern complex of comfort class. Three sectional house with built-in facilities. Residential buildings are located in Section 1 of the 2 nd to the 26 th floor, in the second section of the 2nd to the 13th floor and sections 3 - 1 to 23 floor. Ceiling height - 2.6 m. On a typical 8-floor apartments. Project underground parking, sports and children's playground.

Next to the apartment complex is a green area "Berizka" building hypermarket, banks and cafes. In addition to convenient location it is important that the apartment complex is built according to modern building standards, guaranteeing high quality construction and rational planning of flats complement positive impression of the new building.

The cost of apartments apartment complex «Twin House»:
Number of rooms
Area, m2
Price for m2, грн
Price for the apartment, UAH
Sale1-bedroom apartment *available duplex
from 42.06
from 14 060.00
from 591 364.00
Sale1-bedroom apartment
from 34.63
from 14 060.00
from 486 898.00
Sale2-bedroom apartment
from 53.12
from 14 060.00
from 746 868.00
Sale2-bedroom apartment *available duplex
from 74.44
from 15 200.00
from 1 134 376.00
Sale3-bedroom apartment
from 111.42
from 13 775.00
from 1 534 811.00
Sale4+-bedroom apartment *available duplex
from 118.53
from 15 200.00
from 1 779 464.00
Advantages apartment complex «Twin House»:
200 m to construction hypermarket «Epicentr»
green area near the complex
250 m to supermarket «Fora»
convenient transportation - along the street. Bratislavska
unique architectural style of the building
commercial premises on the ground floor near cafes, shops, pharmacies and banks
children's and sports playgrounds on site
own underground parking
modern rational planning
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Placement and infrastructure
Житловий комплекс «Гармонія» будується в Святошинському районі столиці на вулиці Василя Стуса, 7
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