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Apartment complex

Apartment complex «Zlagoda»
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Object description

Apartment complex «Zlagoda» is located in Darnytskyi district of Kiev, at 1, Architect Verbitsky st. Kharkov array is part of Darnytsa district of Kiev. It is important to note that the construction is not dense, giving a feeling of space. Dominated by a nine homes. The yards are spacious, equipped with play and sport grounds, places for recreation. The array has many lakes and beaches, which are popular holiday destination. Today - it is a modern area with developed social and cultural infrastructure and transport interchange.

Apartment complex "Zlagoda" is a 15-minute walk from the "Kharkivska" metro station. Make yourself comfortable and convenient, select LCD "Zlagoda" because all nearby parks for recreation, cafes, restaurants, as well as clinics and stores of different profiles. For your children the best education: Lyceum "Intellect" Specialized School № 274 with in-depth study of the English language, a comprehensive children's and youth sports school "Champion". The architectural heritage, is located near the complex: Church Metropolitan Vladimir of Kiev and the Church of Princess Olga.

When choosing an apartment in the apartment complex "Zlagoda", you are investing in a cozy, comfortable, spacious and bright future!

Advantages apartment complex «Zlagoda»:
6 minutes to the metro station
smart home system CLAP
15 minutes to the park «Partisanskoi Slavy»
infrastructure is focused on children and families
high-quality materials and modern construction technologies
comfortable apartment plannings
convenient transportation
near the complex there are playgrounds and sports fields
near Church Metropolitan Vladimir and of Princess Olga
eco-friendly and green area
possibility of installment until the end of construction
3 minutes to the New Way shopping mall with the cinema
near the park named after soldiers-internationalists
two-level underground parking
possibility to buy an apartment on credit
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Apartment complex «Zlagoda»
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Apartment complex
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