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Apartments in new buildings of Podil area

Ukrbud corporation has 23 projects constructing and 25 projects constructed

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Price per m2, UAH

The prices are in UAH per square meter. Price may vary within the same complex, depending on the planning and floors. Choose your optimum price.

To 16500 th.
More 16500 - 25000 th.
More 25000 th.

Location includes a city, bank of the Dnieper and the area under the administrative division Kyiv. Select a convenient location for you.

CLAP technology

CLAP is a state-of-the-art room management system that understands your needs and takes care of your family's safety. The system controls access to housing, monitors the property, monitors the temperature in the room, adjusts heating regimes, calculates utility costs in UAH and pays bills.

with CLAP
without CLAP

Choose the branch of the subway, or a specific station near which you consider the possibility of buying an apartment.

Count rooms

Number of rooms available under planning. Taken into account is the number of living rooms. Choose a comfortable accommodation for you.

Type room
Area, m2

The total area under planning, including residential and nonresidential area.

More 40 sq.m.
More 40 - 85 sq.m.
More 85 sq.m.
Price per apartment, UAH

The total apartment price in local currency is calculated by multiplying the price per square meter in total area.

From 750 th.
More 750 - 950 th.
More 950 th.
Status object

"Under construction" - construction work carried out, the degree of preparedness can watch online the card facility. "Commissioned" - a set of fully operational. "Partially commissionedt" - the complex includes a phased delivery of towers / buildings, some of which are commissioned. "The project" - construction will begin soon.

Under Construction
In project
Partially commissioned

The presence of loan programs, installment and actions. Buy profitable.

Payment by installments
Categories construction

Conditional distribution complex depending on several factors: price, location, etc. We are working to ensure that regardless of the categories of construction, your family feel comfortable and protected.

Сonstruction technology

We are building monolithic (concrete foundation) and brick houses equally well, but you choose what technology you trust more.

Availability of parking

Guest parking is around the complex and it have the right to all residents and their guests. In the underground parking you can buy your own parking lot where your car will be safe.

Proximity to the Metro, min.

The road to the nearest metro station is calculated at about walking on a database of maps that are freely available, so our customers can always check the accuracy of the information. The time depends on the possible changes in the public transport. In the case of the complex in walking distance to the subway, in the "public transport" says "10 minutes" .

On foot
up to 5 min.
5-10 min.
10-15 min.
On public transport
up to 10 min.
10-15 min.
Clubhouse LA MANCHE
Under Construction
Район: Podilskij Address: Kyiv, st. Schekavitskaya, 46
Price from: 41 325.00 UAH/m2
Apartment complex «Podol Hrad»
Partially commissioned
Район: Podilskij Address: Kyiv, St. Dehtiarna, 7, 9-11, 13-15
Price from: 39 790.00 UAH/m2
Clubhouse Spas Sky
Район: Podilskij Address: Kyiv, Podilskyi district, St. Spaska , 35
Price from: 44 175.00 UAH/m2
Apartment complex «Novomostitskij»
Partially commissioned
Район: Podilskij Address: Kyiv, Podilskyi district, St. Novomostytska, 15
Price from: 19 100.00 UAH/m2


  • Main office:Kyiv, Pushkinskaya street, 27

  • Left-bank sales department:Kyiv, Sverstyuka street, 23

  • Multichannel: (044) 379 47 99

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