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Installment plan

In order to realize your dreams of own apartment, Ukrbud Corporation provides an opportunity of non-interest installments until the end of construction!

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The installment is provided for apartments in complexes which have not been put into operation at the time of registration.


Total cost of apartment

549 900.00 uah

First payment

First payment

137 475.00 uah

Monthly payment

12 497.73 uah

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Installment terms:

  • the first installment is not less than 25% of the cost of the total area of the apartment
  • payment within 3 days from the moment of signing the Contract
  • possibility of early repayment

Download detailed terms and conditions for installments.

The assignment extends to apartments in complexes not put into operation at the time of registration.



  • Main office:Kyiv, Pushkinskaya street, 27

  • Left-bank sales department:Kyiv, Sverstyuka street, 23

  • Multichannel: (044) 379 47 99

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